Woman hold keys for Albania’s future – Superiors in most vital sectors

Albania’s future can be women. The latest statistics from the Statistics Institute show that in the most vital sectors of welfare and wellbeing of a society, women are the most vulnerable of males.

Data show diplomas in higher education by gender. Thus, sectors where women’s superiority is more pronounced are those of health and wellbeing, together with education, with about 79% and 78% respectively female presence. But women are in the majority even in other important sectors for a society such as social sciences, journalism and information, with a ratio of 70 to 30 in their favor.

Even in terms of economics, administration and law, prestige is sensitive, and the ratio is fixed at 61% with 39% in the proportion of women. Natural sciences, maths, statistics but also arts along with humanities are the other sectors where female graduates have superiority over the opposite sex. Men are in the lead only to agriculture, engineering, services and information technology.

The data clearly indicates that tomorrow’s Albania may be under the guidance of women, with their presence not only in the most strategic sectors, but why not, even in leading positions. They have the utmost to use it.

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